Vallejo Outreach was formed to provide the underprivileged and underserved of Vallejo and the surrounding community with goods and services to support them in their efforts to lead positive, productive lives. The three pronged approach includes distributing emergency resources such as food and clothing to help ease immediate pressures; empowering individuals to experience resiliency in the face of adverse circumstances by training them to manage their lives in a personally fulfilling and productive manner; and facilitating networks amongst community agencies and businesses to respond to material, physical and social needs of individuals and families in distress.




Share a Pair is an initiative to ensure that every grade school child starts the academic year with a new pair of shoes. We are asking everyone to go to a local shoe store and purchase one or more pairs of shoes for children in the 1st through 5th grade. Bring the shoes and a gift receipt to one of our partner Drop-Off locations nearest you anytime until July 31. For more information, click the link above or send us an email.